Frequently asked questions

What is Uniochange ?

uniochange is an e-currency exchanger with its primary function to help users exchange one type of e-currency to another.

What e-currencies do you accept?

Currently accepted and exchangeable e-currencies can be found on our Home page.

Will you add more e-currency types in the future?

Yes, adding more e-currency types is in our future plans.

What should I do if I have not found the answer to my question?

Contact our support service

Is this type of service safe and legal?

Yes, our service is fully legal and safe. All deals and payment processors are legally registered and authorized.

Is it necessary to register?

It is not necessary to register in the system. However, after registration and verification of the account you will have access to the following features:
 you will be able to control your order status in your personal account;
 you will be able to check the transactions history;

I found a bug/mistake etc. What should I do?

Please inform us about it. Thank you for your cooperation.

I have an idea/suggestion. How can I share it?

It will be great if you contact the support team. Thank you.

Why was my transaction canceled?

You did not complete the transaction within 24 hours.

You sent an incorrect amount, and our system did not recognize your payment as a correct one.

I did not get an exchange, what can I do?

If more than 24 hour elapsed, and you have not received your exchange:

1) Check whether you have specified the correct account number.

2) Contact customer support and specify the reference of the exchange operation, if necessary.

I have entered wrong details and the money did not come, what can I do?

f the wrong account that you specified does not exist or is blocked, the money will not be sent there, and we will send them to you using corrected data. If the account exists, the money will be sent to that account. You can try to get your money back on your own by writing to the owner of this account or customer service. To avoid such situations always carefully double check the entered data.

Can I refuse to exchange money, if I have already paid for the request?

If the reception has not yet been completed, you can! You will receive your money back less the fee of the payment system that made the payment, i.e., money shall be returned at your expense.

Why is it important to get verified?

Only verified users will be able to place orders from Bankwire and increase the exchange amount. Verified users also have a higher level of trust by uniochange administration and it is easier to prove identity and ownership of the account, if you run into any problems.