There are many different e-currency exchangers around the world that provide services similar to ours. However, we believe that we possess attributes that distinguish us from the rest:
  • We are the fastest. Many exchangers use the same system to exchange their clients’ money. We have built our own system from scratch. We have developed relations with e-currency providers to enable a cutting edge speed of exchange.
  • Today, we offer the lowest exchange rates. Our agents work hard every day to guarantee that our customers get only the best deals to exchange their money. We believe that it is unfair for exchangers to charge high fees for the exchange services while the service costs are relatively low.

Earn with Uniochange

Uniochange is not all about earning money. We also devote ourselves to those who contribute to the company. That is why we offer affiliate system which pays commissions to the members who recommends us. We kindly believe that it is important to share our profits with the people, who spread the word about our project.